Do you think Xiaomi's cube really can work?

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It seems to be a bit childish, though it is specifically designed for adults.

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Xiaomi MiTU Building Blocks Finger Fidget Anti-stress Toy - $ 4,59

This scratch-moving cube, according to the distributor, is a great tool for those who are often in a stressful state of coercion. Spheres, buttons, rollers, and switches on the gadgets are supposed to help reduce and eliminate anxiety. Well, that is obviously individual-dependent, so there will be people who are not sure about the stuff, but we can imagine the opposite. According to the pictures, the cube is almost completely disassembled, if we have one of the members of the MiTU family, we can create different objects with the right creativity because we can build the elements. This is probably due to the fact that the production is extremely accurate (0,005 mm), each element is perfectly matched to each other, and a safe rounding of the edges was not a bad idea.

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A unique, entertaining gift perfect for both colleagues and students. Of course, because of the tiny pieces we have to be careful not to get near the little ones!

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