Xiaomi Youpin is an exciting water heater

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The minimalist exterior has a pretty belly.

S2101 Instant Water Dispenser 9

S2101 Minimalist Instant Water Dispenser from Xiaomi Youpin - 99,53 USD

The design philosophy of Xiaomi Youpin 2101 is very clear: minimalism, cleanliness and ease of use. The modern look also ensures that "instant water heater" can be installed in almost every kitchen - this also helps to keep the unit too busy. The 1,8 liter capacity gadget now supplies the desired temperature water only after 3 seconds. As shown in the figure below, we can control the temperature (exactly in 6 degree) with a disc switch that maximizes up to 100 Celsius. It is worth noting that due to the physical parameters of the device, we can place glasses up to 200 mm below the spout.

xiaomi instant viz mid1

Main Specifications (S2101 minimalist instant heating water dispenser):
  • Rated power: 2200W
  • Tank capacity: 1800ml
  • The length of the electric cable is 1,0 meters
  • Network Voltage: 220V
  • Product weight: 2,0 kg
  • Exact dimensions: 32,80 × 28,00 × 13,60 cm

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Of course, the manufacturer also confidently asserts that they have all the necessary protection: dry-safe, double thermostat and NTC and overheating protection. Particular attention is drawn to the fact that we have a special reminder for decalcification, but also when there is little water in the container. The structure works with 304 stainless steel electric heating tubes.

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The stylish and versatile Xiaomi Youpin 2101 also offers other eye-catching looks (high quality interior, compact size, water temperature adjustable in several steps, etc.), and you can imagine it as a gift as well for its practicality. According to the distributor, the product is only provided with a Chinese-language guide, but since all functions are achieved by a single button, we believe that this does not constitute a burning problem.