[Coupon] Coupon 22 under one thousand for the Xiaomi Redmi 5A phone

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We have not seen this phone so cheap yet, but it is worth hurry because the bundle is small enough!

Xiaomi Redmi 5A 1

Redmi 5A is the entry-level phone of Xiaomi, which is well illustrated by the fact that the price tag is quite modest. However, this phone is also a true Xiaomi quality, so if you want a reliable but cheap phone, you should consider purchasing it. The basic price is also high, initially asking for $ 1,000 for 25, but we can nowGBphoneclear2 coupon code!

Xiaomi Redmi 5A 2

The phone has a quad-core processor according to its category, but not the weaker, but the stronger one. Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 provides enough performance to surf, navigate or even play on the phone, while gameplay is not the top-of-the-range simulator, but the simplest Candy Crush Saga games.

Xiaomi Redmi 5A 3

In the mobile there is 2 GB memory and 16 GB built-in storage. The display is 5 colos, that is, they can easily be used by people who have been blessed with smaller palms. Panel resolution is HD, ie 1280 x 720 pixels. We get many kinds of sensors, accelerometers, compasses, gravity sensors and gyroscopes among others. Two cameras came from the phone, the front 5, the 13 megapixel on the back.

Xiaomi Redmi 5A 4

There are also everything from radios, such as n standard wifi, 4.1 Bluetooth, and navigation for GPS, GLONASS and Beidou satellites. It's good news that the phone in this action is booming the B20 800 MHz LTE frequency in Hungary, so we can get the fastest mobile home in Hungary.

As you can read, the phone is now available at a very low price, so cheap that we really get very rarely. When you buy, use aGBphoneclear2 coupon code here: Xiaomi Redmi 5A

In the mode of delivery, you choose the EU Express so you do not have to pay additional taxes and VAT. If you can not use the coupon code, you may get stuck somewhere in the store, write it out, we will help.


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For me the coupon code jumped the price to 117 dollars. Hello Hello

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For me the coupon code jumped the price to 117 dollars. Hello Hello