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On July 3 comes the Xiaomi's new giant phone, Mi MAX 3

The Xiaomi Mi MAX series is a real curiosity in the portfolio of the company, since it always has an acute trend in size.

access_time 2018 June 26 19: 56

Every day we have a new Xiaomi product box - Here is the Xiaomi corkscrew

All right, all right, enough of the rampage, you can sit down. It's just a corkscrew, it's a motorcycle and everything.

access_time 2018 May 29 21: 32

You do not believe this, and at Xiaomi, the guitar is smart too

Okay, I know this is a ukulele, but if I write this in the title nobody will open the news.

access_time 2018 May 28 23: 43

Artificial intelligence helps Xiaomi's new wire

No, this is not the already available MITU, it's another special piece.

access_time 2018 May 22 20: 05

We are looking for Xiaomi Mi 7, coming with Xiaomi Mi 8

It is still not clear whether one or two phones are present in Xiaomi.

access_time 2018 May 22 19: 41

[Coupon] Huge, 30 percent Xiaomi action for vacation

Tent, backpacks, thermos and belts, this year you can go on holiday with Xiaomie.

access_time 2018 May 17 13: 03

Xiaomi Mi 6X / A2 - here is the detailed specification

We expect the Xiaomi A1 / 5X paired successor as the Messiah, not as if Xiaomin needed the Redeemer.

access_time 2018 May 16 22: 06

The Xiaomi Mi 7 will be launched at the end of May

The top mobile comes with integrated fingerprint reader under the display glass.

access_time 2018 May 07 22: 01

The best Xiaomi gadget for 5000 forints - June


Boxing Bracelets Battle - Xiaomi Mi Band 2 against Mi Band 3


Introducing the Xiaomi Mijia laser projector


CIGA: The new, rugged and beautiful mechanical watch from Xiaomie


Xiaomi notebook Pro - the best Chinese notebook for testing


More Xiaomi news

Among the first ones, Oreo is the Xiaomi TV Box

The beta version is already at the testers so we can start cutting the cents.

Xiaomi is 4. largest phone manufacturer

Not even the place is really interesting, but the one-year growth.

Gamer headphones came from Xiaomie

As usual, stuffed with extras, but surprisingly cheap.

Xiaomi newsgroup by the end of April

In a busy month we are too favorite, we are trying to summarize the essence now.

How did you know how to do it without Xiaomi's handbag?

I knew something was missing from my life, but until then I did not know what it was.

Xiaomi Mi 6X / A2 - Specifications and Videos Received

The more we know about the new phone the better we are!

Xiaomi notebooks at crazy prices in European warehouses

We found that European warehouses are much more expensive than the Chinese, but sometimes it is worth looking around.

A brutal self-made camera was received by Xiaomi's new phone

Xiaomi Mi 6X opens a new front for self-portrait production.

You screw up 3 screw and you do not remember where it was?

If so, then you have to be new to Xiaomi!

Can Xiaomi buy GoPro?

This is a lot of people say it's not a fun joke, so GoPro's price jumped a lot on the stock market.

Get acquainted with Xiaomi's new intelligent assistant!

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S phone has been introduced, but has received less attention so far, though it may be a big hit.

[Coupon] Coupon 22 under one thousand for the Xiaomi Redmi 5A phone

We have not seen this phone so cheap yet, but it is worth hurry because the bundle is small enough!