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Xiaomi is still kidding me!

Our favorite Chinese manufacturer this time on the day of Chinese singing (11.11.).

access_time November 2018 15 16: 19

Xiaomi Ninebot Segway ES1 electric roller for a fraction of the domestic price

Because of such actions we like to buy from China!

access_time November 2018 09 09: 18

Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos is a smart winner in a European warehouse

The price was finally broken by the 150 dollar limit, of course down.

access_time November 2018 08 09: 13

Today, notebooks from Xiaomi are cheaper on the day of singing!

The Xiaomi notebook family has expanded considerably over the past year, and now we get four varieties of wide range at a significant discount.

access_time November 2018 06 21: 21

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 6 / 128 GB - you can even buy it!

The new phone is already on the shelves of the Chinese department stores, so we can say a price.

access_time November 2018 02 10: 49

Nothing goes smoothly with Xiaomi

For example, they think the wireless charger can be multifunctional.

access_time 2018 October 26 14: 36

30 is cheaper than Xiaomi's magic cube

The version with sensors is a further development of Rubik's cube.

access_time 2018 October 25 10: 28

10 GB memory will also be available for Xiaomi Black Shark 2

Only 15 days will be required to wait for smaller versions to ship.

access_time 2018 October 25 09: 44

Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite: Differences and Similarities, We Help You Choose


For men, the best gift - we tested the Xiaomi shaving razor


The magic spell in Xiaomi mode - this is the Xiaomi AQara Magic Cube


Xiaomi Redmi 5 phone test - change of attitude and new shape at the middle of the middle class


Xiaomi Wowstick 1F + screwdriver test with a professional eye


More Xiaomi news

Hijack Xiaomi prices - a surprise action, will fall on the animals!

Interesting action was launched at GearBest, they kept the price discounts, but we unveiled them!

Xiaomi is in our brains!

The intent is noble, the outcome is questionable for the time being, and it would undoubtedly be the case.

Today is the day you buy Xiaomi roller or electric bicycle ...

End-of-season discounts, when planning to buy a bike or a bike, your time has come.

Xiaomi is already in our eyes, here is the TOWNEW smart trash can

They do not rest until all the objects of the apartment are cleansed.

Today we get cheaper Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro and more Xiaomi phones ...

The price of a new phone with a nice price tag can now be further elaborated.

Brutal, hundreds of dollars on the Xiaomi Segway rollers

Summer is over, roller prices fall, now need to buy!

Do you think Xiaomi's cube really can work?

It seems to be a bit childish, though it is specifically designed for adults.

Xiaomi Youpin is an exciting water heater

The minimalist exterior has a pretty belly.

Hipster Jacket for Xiaomi Mode!

There is simply no area in life where there is no unexpected idea for Xiaomin - so we love them so much.

Wood of iron? No! Wood Xiaomi Clock!

It's a Xiaomi product that's not worth buying.

Three Xiaomi coupon offer when you save a little!

Redmi S2, Mi Band 3 and an interesting thermos.