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Under 100 dollars, the Lenovo K320t 4G smartphone!

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It is simply flawless if we consider the price.

Lenovo K320t Full Features Gadgets Lens 2

Lenovo K320t 4G Phablet Global Version - 99,99 USD

Obviously, with this price tag, there is no anticipatory product, Lenovo K320t seeks to find a place to stand. Spreadtrum-based quad-core system chips have been backed up with 2,0 GB memory, and the internal storage size can be extended to 16,0 GB - fortunately it can be expanded. The wind of modern times is already strongly felt on this device, so it has received a sufficiently large 5,7 pixel display (1440 × 720 pixel), which is also elongated, that is 18: 9 aspect ratio. We did not fall back on the Android 7.0, but it was a bit surprised by the fact that even with this price tag, the dual cams were back (8 and 2 megapixel sensors). Image capture is supported by a LED flashlight and security is enhanced by the fingerprint reader. In terms of data connectivity with the outside world, it is worth mentioning the following: 4G LTE network modem, Wi-Fi, FM radio, Bluetooth and A-GPS. Serving the machine was solved with a 3 000 milliampere battery, which is undoubtedly not a nuclear power plant, but with such iron it is still enough.

lenovo k320t mid

In sum, we have to say that Lenovo K320t seems to be an all-in-one low-end device. Of course, the 81,4% display / front panel ratio and the 8 MP front panel are also worthy of note, and it is worth noting that Dual-SIM and internal storage can be enhanced with a microSD format memory card.

lenovo k320t

Frankly, we can not mention a roaring error on this phone, since half of the 100 dollar is not (really) expected more than this. The weakest point in the game is probably the quad-core system chip, so we have found out that 30 500 is performing under Antuto - this is actually the paper format. I think three of them all cry aloud at one time: there is life outside of Xiaom!

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