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GameSir F2 Game Firestick Grip for Android iOS Phone 2 Triggers Game Mount Bracket Trigger Fire.jpg 640x640

GameSir F2 Firestick Grip Game Mount Bracket - $ 12,99

The GameSir's ingenious gaming controller can be offered to all gamer-minded Readers if you want to get some extra benefit under your favorite game. The stuff also helps in steering with a more stable and convenient catch, since the two extra "clips" can be positioned in any position, which can then be accessed and used by the pointer with our fingers. I think the simplest thing is to watch the video below instead of the word cut, which is also advisable to do the unimaginable movement of the guy in it.

This stuff is more like a gamepad designed for a smartphone, so it does not require a Bluetooth connection (at least it does not absorb the tele better), but it can fit in a small place. The GameSir F2 can be assembled with a couple of moves, so it's hard to use without it - only the transparent tweezers will have to figure out something. Its size can of course be controlled, and it can be used on many types of smartphones: the lower value is 4,5 col, and the upper limit is 6,4 inches. PUBG fans can strongly recommend the gadget, I do not think it is adventurous to advertise this game on the road.