The world's thinnest impact-resistant mobile phone became ioutdoor X

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You can forget the heavy-duty rugged phones, and ioutdoor X provides a standard thickness.

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The ioutdoor name in our country is less well-known, the company as its name suggests is the manufacture of extremely rugged phones. We also tried our inbound model and we were very pleased with it: Ioutdoor T1 - Does Classic Do It All?

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Today, the company's new phone was launched, which not only received strong hardware, but also an impressive look. Moreover, the manufacturer as the world's thinnest shock-proof phone promotes the X-device. It does not look thick on the pictures, it is only 1,04 centimeters according to factory data. The aluminum frame from ioutdoor X protection from TPU, developed by German Bayer, with high resistance (thermoplastic polyurethane) is made, which guarantees that mobile in harsh conditions will also serve us in the long run. Of course, the proper water and dust resistance are indispensable for the judiciary. Ioutdoor X is IP68 certified, so you can use it at a depth of two meters for 30 minutes. And you can use them literally, because the phone has been prepared for even underwater photographs and videos. If this is not enough, the manufacturer will guarantee that the phone will remain operational between -20 and 55, but it will also experience -40 degrees of cold or 70 heat.

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Of course, the powerful external hardware also requires strong hardware. The heart of the phone is MediaTek's mid-range chipset Helio P23, which comes with eight core and 2 GHz clock speeds. In addition, 6 GB memory and 128 GB storage are also available in the mobile, which can be added even more from a high-end mobile phone. The manufacturer also thought that we wanted to take photos, so we could find a Sony sensor and a 16 + 8 megapixel camcorder on the back, and a 13 megapixel camera on the front. There are also sensors that have everything to do with your fingertips, from fingerprint readers through the compass to gravity sensors and gyroscopes, and even NFCs are in the phone. In ioutdoor X, display 5,7 colos, HD + resolution, and Gorilla Glass glass over it for protection.

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It can be seen that ioutdoor X is not a small phone, so it is not surprising that the price of the Chinese standard is high. Here, of course, we emphasize the Chinese standard, because compared to the best known manufacturers, the 240 dollar, that is, roughly 68 thousand forints, is far from much to say.

Your phone can be ordered with Priority Line delivery free of charge and VAT, and the shipping cost is only 600. Here you can order: ioutdoor X