W6 bracelet, supposedly for athletes

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Here is another cheap smart bracelet, which according to the description is recommended to athletes, according to the pictures of Dr. Szoš. I would stay with the kids.

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It's not because it's so bad, but because of the outside I think the age of 13 is going to like it. Otherwise, the W6 is not stupid, it does not even know anything more than the bracelets in a similar price range. Count the steps, monitor sleep, give an estimate of burned calories, however, as we used to, this category has not yet included the inclusion of a heart rate counter. Standby time is a long enough 15 day, but as I have shown so far, if you want to use such an interface not just to standby, then 2-3-4 should be charged per day.

So the W6 is cheap and youthful, or we say so little bit of a piece I can buy here for 3448 forints: W6 Sports Health Pedometer Smart Wearable Wristband Watch Bracelet Black