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ASRock can not sell Phantom Gaming graphics cards on the old continent.

We have reported that ASRock plans to launch its first video card family in mid-April. The news was confirmed, and the fans of the brand were excited about the new products coming up on the store shelves. But with time gone by, and as more and more people started bombarding the company with their questions, it was a must have been the case: AMD did not allow the product line to be sold in Europe, the Phantom Gaming series so it's only available in Asia.

After NVIDIA GPP (which has already been officially revoked), there is some excitement that AMD is discriminating against one of its partners. Probably, it's not as good a company in the Far East as it is in Europe, so the current partnerships do not want to be overwhelmed here, instead they put Asia on ASRock's shoulders.

Source: guru3d.com

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