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The source of serious troubles is the April update of Windows 10

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The latest release of the operating system came with Intel SSD drives.

The problem has not yet been properly investigated, so we do not know exactly what types of problems are involved. It is certain that there were serious problems with a large number of Intel flash memory storage when users installed the latest Windows 10 update; usually the computer is stuck at boot time, so it has become virtually unusable.

StorageReview Intel SSD 730 Series

For the time being, people have no choice but to stay in the previous release of the system, but the auto-update has been centrally stopped. Of course, Microsoft is working on troubleshooting, but we have to be patient, as this is not the only problem that programmers have to face. Windows 10 Spring Update with Chrome and Firefox does not maintain a good connection, according to other reports, the implementation of Specter and Meltdown bug fixes could not be implemented well.


Allegedly, the following models are affected: the Intel 600P and Pro-6000 series.

Source: Microsoft, guru3d.com

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