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As we know, cats prefer to be near heat sources.

cat bed nyito

Cat Sucker Hammock Pet Bed - $ 12,99

Perhaps, based on this idea, this special deckchair was born, which allows us to spend your favorite pets in the comfort of your own. Careful owners should only keep in mind that the four vacuum taps securely secure the bed; the thickness of the thin steel cable and also the massive frame is in principle 20 kg. The lounger is not a small one, so we can hope that the more cuddly cats can fit it comfortably.

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Otherwise, it is a good idea to know that the cat's body is not able to produce vitamin D, so it's gained externally - when the kitten is swollen in the sun, it actually brings vitamin D into the body.

the macaws

Let's say it's a good idea to keep the glass stacked in the frame, because it would be uncomfortable to break with the cat.