Entrance-level smart thermos at affordable prices

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Entrance-level smart thermos at affordable prices - 5.0 out of 5 udgangspunkt 1 vote

This is not a recent solution, but the main positive here is a nice pricing.

Lehoo JXKJ WD 350ML

The most exciting point in the "intelligent bottle" is that it can display the temperature of the liquid stored in the LCD at the front. There were supposedly several sensors in the thermos inside this thermos, but since we could not convince ourselves of this, we have doubts about this. The biggest defect in the container is its capacity, while the stainless steel interior can hold the right temperature (either cold or hot) for 4 hours, but the 0,35 liter space looks pretty poor. Wow, so it has at least good portability, it will be easy to point "to chance" to our friends ...

Key Features:

  • Precise temperature display on the digital display
  • 17,00 × 7,10 × 7,10 cm size
  • 0,232 kg mass
  • 0,35 liter capacity

The gadget from two AAA batteries is elegant and clean, lightweight and practical, and we believe it is a great gift for our friends and relatives - just because it costs less than $ 13,90. It's a shame that we can only spend a large amount of glass on a glass.

More info and order: Lehoo JXKJ is a smart thermos (white)