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Let's see why someone in China calls today! His reader test follows.

OVERVIEW K3 01 3 1

I would like to introduce you to my new device.

How did I get that phone OUCITEL? I've been buying a Chinese phone for years, because I'm looking at a price / performance rate, and I'm a bit tired of pulling out the providers, and I'm sorry to put that much money on premium devices. My previous devices were also Chinese, so far I bought the DOOGEE because I got pretty good quality now and the kid is using the 5. I had a battery that had to be taken since then ...

My latest device was a Valencia2, good quality gorilla glass, strong enough hardware, I liked it, it was fast and 3000mah's shaft was enough to spend 2 a day. Gorilla glass I was taking care of it, but it was enough to put it next to my pocket so it fell on its side, but the sleeveless case was unlucky. Needless to say, the display is frustrated, it can still be used, but not a bit confused. I would like to remind you that in my work I meet a lot of phones, and I rarely see a device that's one ... Somehow we can not take care of our devices.

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This is the other reason I'm going to buy a Chinese phone, if I crash I did not throw 100 + 1000 forints out of the window, but a fraction of it. I've dropped a poor phone a few times, which was unsuitable for the display. I need to have another device, I started looking at it, I almost bought Redmi4x when I hit the OUKITEL K3, but it was there. Amin stuck my eyes first 6000mah ax, cool the previous half and was good, I did not pull myself with a charger, but I'm pushing a lot, what can this be?
The manufacturer writes that 24 clock navigation (goes to the display for net and GPS for 24 hours) and an immense standby time. A massive metal frame that can fall on its side does not get the display of it.
4G RAM eight-core proci, here I put a little bit of my nose because the 1.5ghz MTK proci is not too steep, but at least it consumes a lot, what's wrong with it. 5.5 'Asahi glass, what the fuck is that?
I got a little tired of it and it turned out that the company's main profile is the production of safety glasses, not many places to meet, but OUKITEL uses it.

Here are some videos that convinced me not to look any further:

Dual cameras, 16mp + 2mp front flash, I never tattooed, but sound good. 64G rom, this is not so excited, 16g is enough, because I have SD card .... 4G can be with us as well. (I had a device that did not like home 4g) FullHD display, that's enough. Other things like fingerprint reader, gyro, wifi Bluetooth, dualsim, strong loudspeakers are now basic things. And his exterior, he does not have much hair, he will not come up with me. Available in two colors, black and blue. The latter seems to have a bit of convexity on his back, and this blue is too late.

thumb 81510 default big

Circumcision 40.000 ft was released, the customs officers admired, asking for more 12.000ft from the family pot. The phone has arrived, I do not usually make a unboxing video, but I feel it is necessary because the box was heavy. Because of its quality, I did not include him, who I'm really interested in. Fortunately, it was not a half brick, just the phones (unfortunately slippery), OTG cable, charger, SIM needle (2db), foil. The charging cable and the OTG cable are not the usual mini USB, so I'll worry about it because it has a longer head than the available cables.

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The phone was a bit weird 250g, somehow I missed it, but I ordered a couple, because her phone was cracked, she would get used to it because she was not too airy. He also counts to be massive, something for something. First hand, very close together, loyal but super. Just nano sim goes in, so I could only set it up the next day because I did not want her to fall into my sim card. My phone buddy cut off my old card, punk pack. I have also exchanged a carrier with number portability, so I used dual sim, 2x nano sim goes to the device or 1 nanosim and memory card.

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There is no Android app on 7, there is no extra program, there is not anywhere, well, it's a good resource for a more resourceful gaming application. .. but it's 1.5Ghz MTK ... The feeling when I hear my friends overwhelmed by the expensive front edge phone I ask when you spent , back in the morning (when it was over), and grinning I show my 60% so that I spend it on 2 days, is invaluable. So far, 5 days have been a record I did not spend much public transport, so I read or play news ... but it also keeps 2-3 days (with a daily 2 clock game) so everything is turned on, light power the maximum, because I can do it. I'm trying to try to save you money, but just because I'm interested. The charging time 2 clock is not overcooked for fast charging, no extra animation, just charging smoothly. The factory charger is 2A 5V / 7V / 9V.

20170822 650x375

Unfortunately, it has fallen since I was afraid of the ground. (literally shaking the concrete from it and smashing a tiled cube with it.) The result, a 2mm hair cracking on the slightly rounded screen side and the metal frame squeezed at its corner. On one occasion, his back was dropped, though he was quite coincident, and he had to work to snap. I can usually put it next to my keychain, that does not even look like that. Since then I have ordered a silicone case because I do not like to haunt the destiny ...

The camera, I really do not want to pull it, compared to being able to shoot Chinese and cheap highscores. Focusing fast enough, it does not automatically, you must touch the screen when shooting.

but here are some pictures:

IMG 20171115 044455 k IMG 20171211 214014 k
IMG 20171217 105004 k IMG 20171217 130333 k
IMG 20171217 131312 k 01 k
IMG 20171216 090212 k IMG 20171217 130408 k

No video can be complained about. Here you can see one: Video test

So after the 2 month, the pink mist has passed, but I still can not say a lot of negative about it. The most frustrating, charging micro USB, but thick frame, not the traditional, but the Chinese long-headed, it is almost unavailable, I have ordered it to be. The camera, there is no auto focus or scandal starts to focus on itself, I hope it will improve. (The 2 update has already been pulled, but it has not been fixed yet.) The weight I use does not bother me, but many they are astonished when they catch it. It is also a challenge for many of China's shop palaces.

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no programs need to see it win10 and 7.
You set up MTP?
win 8 at uuutálom :(
Sorry i can not say just one side patted down the backside ..
3-5 sticks hold side by side ..
and will continue to do it properly.
it had to be strong enough to return.
work can be taken off.
but where did you find a back cover?
I should also have some parts.
Farkas Vivien
Hello! My question would be why I can not connect my device to my laptop. Any program should be downloaded? (Win 8.1fut on it)
Thanks for your help.
I would have a question about how to get rid of the back cover (you wrote it down). My wife has such a diver that has fallen and the entire back is deeply scratched. I would like to change this, but I can not find a backing page or video that I could download.