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On the test deck, the H96 Mini TV Box By: Mihics Zoltán (Med1on) 2547
We introduce: MC001-BD - a PC that does not leave cold By: Tárnok Zoltán 18461
We've tried it - iXtreamer, digital all-in-one By: Tárnok Zoltán 21002
Shuttle XS3510MA - my dream come true By: Tárnok Zoltán 23492
Shuttle XS3510MA: dream come true By: Tárnok Zoltán 25197
LG MS450H - Full HD Network Media Player and MPEG-4 Tuner from LG By: Tárnok Zoltán 26652
LG BD370 - Blu-ray and MKV in one place? Posted by Tinker 20027
The key to perfect motion is Popcorn! Written by Gábor Pintér (gabi123) 26152
Two new multimedia players from LC-Power Written by Gábor Pintér (gabi123) 19590