Alfawise S100 electric toothbrush - for beginners with love!

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In its category, perhaps with the best customer feedback (4,92 point from 730 customer's opinion), this sparkling toothbrush is proud of, so no wonder our interest has attracted this product. What does this stuff know about this good feedback? We go around the basics and ask this to be taken into account for our readers who are interested in this topic!

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First of all, we have a brief summary of what to expect from the Alfawise S100 electric toothbrush, and of course we come up with the details.

Full specification

Product details

Type: Alfawise S100 electric toothbrush
Operation: vocal, 31 000 vibration per minute
Battery: Li-Ion, 800 mAh capacity
Toothbrush head: DuPont

  • One button can be operated
  • Two-minute timer (with 30 second reminder)
  • 5 mode: Clean, Sensitive, Massage, White, Polish
Other parameters The exact size and weight of the product: 3,0 × 3,0 × 25,0 cm and 113 grams
Accessories: 1 × Travel Tunnel, 2 × Supplement Head, 1 × Induction Charger, 1 × English Owner's Manual

Why Alfawise?

Alfawise is Gearbest's own brand, it's only available to them. In our opinion, this alone is a kind of assurance that these products are subject to a sufficiently detailed quality control, since we can reasonably assume that the webshop does not want to expose itself to your belongings. Of course, we do not say that every product is automatically good under Alfawise, but we're just aiming for this brand to deserve attention. Well, because of the former, I was interested in my part, so I did not secretly take the electric toothbrush with enough enthusiasm.

box exhales box is open

Why is it soxic?

To avoid misunderstanding, it is useful to clarify the operating principle of the gadget. Slavery technology in this case means that the brushhead cleans the teeth with sweeping motion. The amplitude (swinging) of the movements can be adjusted in several stages, making it a good choice for sensitive teeth and for those who cling to the rather intense scrubbing movement. The essence here is easy to guess: Fast-moving toothbrushes (even 31 000 vibrations per minute!) Simply squeeze the plaque and food residue on the teeth and the lumbar spine, and in a fortunate case they can also fight against the toothpaste. Unfortunately, in most cases, she is waiting for a dentist. Do not need scrubbing movements in the soothbrush brushes, instead of holding the device for a few seconds instead, the rest of the vibrator will be used.

alfawise specs

For my part, I think the soot is a great midway solution: the ultrasound toothbrushes are more affordable and at the same time they bring the right quality, and I think the rotating versions are more efficient.


The solid-looking, but rather large, box at first glance is that we do not have a low-cost model. This is partly true, on the level of accessories, the overall picture is: a travel companion, an induction charger, an instruction manual in English (plus a tip card), and two spare heads. The latter are DuPont products with a high density, medium-hard-toothed bristle feel. Of course, here is the usual time period for lifetime, which means that it is recommended to replace them every three months. It is worth noting that the extra heads are usually running at a cost of 3,99, so they are cost-effective.

IMG 20181011 140507

Some words about the process of induction charging: Michael Faraday discovered that if you change the electric current in a wire coil, a variable magnetic field is generated that can induce current in a nearby coil. Things are not that complicated now, the primary coil is in the charger, and the secondary is in the toothbrush. The electric toothbrush has the expected protection, namely IPX7 water resistance, but this is no longer valid for the charger, so it should be stored in a dry place. Charging itself is a very simple process: connect the USB end cable to a charging head and fit the toothbrush with a light touch on the stand, then we just have to wait ... not a little. Yes, wireless charging will not rise at this time, according to the manufacturer, the first feed can take up to 16 hours, after which it will take up to half a day. The internal battery is, however, available for 800 mAh capacity on paper for 30 days. The exercise shows somewhat different, actual running time somewhere between 30-40 minutes, which is not a bad value in this price segment, but it's not enough for a month.

Practical little things are your travels (picture above), we like this kind of attention. In the case, two extra heads can be stored, otherwise the effect of a large glasses can be affected, but the interior layout is still correct.

alfawise s100 is wet


After that, you might want to look at the stuff now. It is visible on the design path: the power is switched on long by pressing the button in the gold-framed button (stepping), the current mode is highlighted by a stylish, blue backlight. At the juncture of the toothbrush head and the main module, there is also a design element, the bottom part is the charging indicator, and the connection point is conveniently located at its bottom.

After the necessary feeding, there are so many tasks to connect the replacement head, and then immediately use the device. When choosing the modes, it is strongly recommended that anyone (like me) is the first to use an electric toothbrush, in any case, start with the weakest mode, ie the "Massage" mode. Unfortunately, we did not find out how much head in the mode this vibration is, the manufacturer has provided this information only to the so-called "Clean" mode, there is 31 000 vibration. Obviously, we can not convince the credibility of this, but in any case, the Alfawise S100 offers a remarkable performance in this area. Also available is the "Sensitive" mode, where the device essentially provides a transition between the two settings. There is even a white whitening whitening, and also the brutal "Polish", polishing is part of the repertoire. The latter has one minute timing, and the other four operate with the classic scheme (two minutes). The classic scheme is quite accurate, according to surveys, that it offers the best efficiency. It is advisable to carry out brushing at four steps (later on), 30 seconds, which S100 inter alia wants to help stop it for a moment at that interval.


Since this product is specifically designed for beginners, it is the first electric toothbrush, so it is advisable to proceed accordingly. This, of course, is going to be really easy, as I was the first such toothpick. Here are some basic tips for you:

  • The approx. peas amount of toothpaste should be dispensed even before switching on, since the toothbrushes with vibration technology lighten the toothpaste quickly.
  • As the device is considerably larger, at the same time, it is a bit harder than a conventional toothbrush, so it will be hard to handle it in the first few days - endurance !. It is recommended that you start learning with the "Massage" mode and then switch to the stronger stages weekly.
  • Tooth brushing begins on the outside of the dental floss, according to the four zones of the mouth: lower right and right upper, lower left and upper left, bottom and top, and outer and inner sides.
  • Clear oral hygiene can not be guaranteed with a single device, we will need a tongue scarf because the toothbrush head is unsuitable for such purpose.

alfawise modok


The Alfawise S100 did not disappoint, although we have to point out that at the time of the purchase price we immediately became aware that here basically the focus will be on the better implementation of the basic functions. This is also proven, so it is not worth looking for such a type as a utility, pressure sensing sensor, etc. Anyone who needs this kind of thing can say that this is not the chance to be the right choice. This electric toothbrush, in our opinion, is the first product to be the optimal choice. Our last statement is based on the following:

  • reliable brand, quality material usage and correct assembly;
  • Except for the utility, it has similar knowledge as the most expensive Xiaomi Soocare X3;
  • user-friendly pricing, good availability.

Alfawise S100 offers exactly what you need for the first time, but it is delivered in a fair package. For the first time, it is likely that few will want to analyze their brushing in an Android application, so it will be easy to give up. Nor is it a last thing that the extra heads are approx. half the cost of the Soocare X3. However, here we can not go without saying that with the more modest but at the same time cheaper RST2056 there are three spare heads supplied by the distributor, so it's a little strange that S100 has only run for two - otherwise (unfortunately) this is generally considered to be general. The other deficiency can be related to this point: we have not found any indication of the bristle knots that should indicate wear. There are dots of different colors, but in the absence of time we could not determine if they would fade. Since the official description does not mention this, we assume that this also strengthens the list of shortcomings.

All in all, we were dealing with a product that was seriously taken into account, and we are still (fierce) arguing that price / value is the better product or the previously presented SEAGO SG-507.

Alfawise S100 is currently available on Gearbone (click on the picture), its price is $ 27,99. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.