We tested the Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver (BRE01JY) headset

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Do not pay attention to the amount of money that BRE01JY can afford, only a few people can produce a quality cuff that can be interpreted. This requires a mentality similar to that used by Xiaomi: the profit margin should be "5%". What does this mean in practice? By spending the purchase price almost exclusively on the product, we will also drop the percentage of 27 from China. Well, we'll need these "tricks" because we're dealing with a lower-end product.

xiaomi bre01jy nyito v1


BRE01JY is a kind of transition between the traditional earbuds and the in-ear sound, that is the ear canal. This design can really come true for those who do not explicitly prefer "brainwashing" design. I guess it will not all agree, but I think this is the most optimal way of doing things for comfort.

The dual driver name on the product means that two dynamic drives are located in the headset. We clasped our heads and found that the ceramic "membrane" (the second driver) is supposed to function as a passive device because it is driven by the air that is crammed by the conventional membrane. So we feel some marketing tricks about it, but then we'll be sharp about what the stuff can do for you.

box xiaomi box xiaomi 02

box 02

As you can see, packaging does not deserve much to say, it is obviously not expected that Xiaomi will continue to pay attention in this respect. In fact, this is good because it also serves to maximize the production cost of the product to sound technology.

Full specification

Product details

Manufacturer: Xiaomi
Product name: BRE01JY
Type: In-Ear
Frequency Response: 20 - 40 kHz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 105 dB
Connection: wired, 3,5 mm
Cable length: 1,25 meters
Sensitivity: 104 dB
Minimum frequency 20 Hz
Max. Frequency 20000 Hz


Weight: 14 grams
Packaging dimensions: 12,0 × 3,5 × 2,5 cm
Extras: Receiving Calls (Integrated Microphone), Volume Changing, Play / Pause

Package contents

1 × BRE01JY, 1 × English user manual

If the comfort is discussed above, they have not been spared the Xiaomi with the "hen", as the BRE01JY 1,25 meter wiring is provided. The control module is located approximately 15 cm away from the right speaker, and we are talking about this after the picture.


I discovered two tricks at this point: I think it would have been useful to have the wiring strain here too, or I would have solved it differently at the buttons. For the latter I complain that she does not get enough of the house, and because of the little placement she has done to me, I did not press it as I wanted.

The middle control button
  • Press: to answer a call
  • Press and hold: reject the call
  • Press button during a call: mute
  • Press and hold during a call: End call

Buttons for volume control (ie two extremes) can not be played.

Sound quality and use

Please note the following; on the one hand, it is an entry-level product, and on the other hand I can safely say that I am very strict in testing - that is what I think the earlier writings show.


In my opinion, half-in-ear design is inherent to the fact that leakage is considerable (so our environment will hear what we're eavesdropping in) and I realize that the really drunken depths are missing. The situation is not as serious as an entire evening Fásy Mulatós, but let's see, the ears in the bass sound range are heavily lost. The central decks are sufficiently energetic - in fact, already too far - after some equalization, something can still be put together here.

Interestingly, the mid-range was, I would mostly be able to figure out the average mark: it's pretty much all in place, but really just about. With a slight nodule, with tone treatment - at 910 Hz, a ca. I tried 5 with decibel reinforcement - perhaps with some kind of good-humor, the detail-rich indicator. Unfortunately, by default, it did not say something good about singing.


By further raising the pitch, the capabilities of BRE01JY are embellished. With a bigger emphasis (410 kHz), the picture is pretty nice here, surprisingly I did not meet any distortion of the sound even after the amplification, and I would even say quietly to the brightness and the detail that it was good.

hules the paradise


It looks like everything has the limit, at this price level (roughly 5 000 HUF), even Xiaomi can not do a real miracle. What's good is that the device has been tested for comfort by virtue of its low weight and its brilliant design, which in fact can be absolutely absent in our hearing system. Sound quality, of course, is not world-renowned, our ears-readers are better off from a considerable distance. On the other hand, those who are eager to wear that are minimal or unpleasant, or want to lose a ridiculously modest amount of money at the pot, well, BRE01JY can be a more interesting solution for them. In my humble opinion, it is no disadvantage if the prospective buyer is a believer in the equalization, because then (perhaps) we can reinforce the points where the ears are acceptable. It will not sound fine, but well, if I can live with this imagery. The logo below is essentially about what we can do after the equalization, plus there is a dose of benevolence.

The Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver (BRE01JY) is currently available on Gearbest (click on the opening image!), The price of the 17,99 dollar - during the promotion period is $ 15,99. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.